Turning Cushion

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Key Features: –
  • WHAT IS THIS CUSHION FOR? It makes turning when sitting much easier, for example when sitting down at a dining room table or when getting into or out of a car. It is ideal for anyone with reduced mobility perhaps after having a hip replacement operation and who find turning and twisting difficult and painful.


  • USE ANYWHERE: This cushion can be used in most types of vehicle seat (but not with high sided seat bases) or at home when sitting down at a table. Being light weight it can be moved easily between any seating setting.


  • PAIN RELIEF: Do you have limited mobility and sit for long periods at work or in the car? If yes, this turning cushion is the perfect choice to improve your mobility and comfort. With its high quality foam base layer pivoting onto a solid plastic base it reduces pain when turning and twisting and also helps relieve lower back and tailbone pain providing extremely comfortable sitting.


  • MOBILITY: Modern cars can be very difficult to access particularly when recovering from a hip replacement or other surgery or have reduced mobility due to old age. Using this cushion reduces the stain on the back, hips and knees and with fully unrestricted 360 degree rotation makes the most of your mobility.


  • THE COVER & SIZE: The removable and washable cover on this cushion utilizes our unique plush feel fabric. The cushions anti slip base ensures that your cushion won’t slip, even on very smooth surfaces. The cushion is approximately 4cm thick and 40cm at its widest point.

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