ICON 120 Comfort Wheelchair

Comfortable Manual Wheelchair

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  • For the Attendant Propelled set up, the rear wheel diameter is 16? and comes with a solid PU tyre
  • Front castor includes 7” PU puncture proof tyres
  • Safe Weight Limit (SWL) is 180 kg
  • Brake options include attendant drum brakes and knee brakes with a short lever
  • Height adjustable armrests in a range of 27 – 40 cm
  • Push handles are height adjustable
  • Multiple castor positions within the front fork housing
  • Standard multi adjustable headrest is a soft PU covered foam
  • The wheelchair is equipped standard with elevating legrests and comfort calf pads.


  • Seat width adjustment by moving the arm rest supports in/out by up to 7.5cm (40cm – 47.5cm)
  • Seat depth is adjustable in a range between 36 cm – 46cm
  • Recline range is 30 dg with 2 pre-set options for a total range of 83 – 126 dg
  • Tilt in space range is 26 dg with 4 pre-set options for a total range of – 5 dg to + 28 dg
  • Tilt and recline locking pins supplied as standard
  • The pre-sets can be changed by the dealer
  • The Drop-In arm rest is height and width adjustable, with soft PU covered foam for full comfort
  • Elevating leg rests with calf pads, both light and elegant in design. The construction is very rigid and provides excellent support
    • Seat and back cushion are anatomically shaped with a multi density, laminated foam construction
    • The back provides good lateral and lumbar support
    • The seating system is designed to give a high grade of pressure relief
    • Both the backrest and seating cushions come fitted as standard with a waterproof and machine washable PU cover Seating

Icon 120 is CE-marked and fulfils the requirements of EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) for medical devices and crash test of ISO 7176-19.

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