An impressive new boot scooter that is very lightweight and has a big range!

£1,999.00 ex. VAT

The Alumina mobility scooter offers the innovation of both an Aluminium chassis and Lithium battery technology, making it the lightest car boot scooter with the longest range.

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Available for lease through the Motability scheme – contact us for more information.


The Alumina mobility scooter offers up to 15 miles range with a lightweight 4kg battery pack. The Alumina Pro goes even further, with a 30 mile range (the longest of any car boot scooter) and only a 5kg battery pack. A smaller battery pack is also available which complies with the Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations for air travel.

Both the Alumina and Alumina Pro mobility scooters are designed to be disassembled easily for transportation with a heaviest part weighing just 10kg (the lightest of any car boot scooter). Both are also fitted with all-round suspension, giving an impressive ground clearance. The long and flat floorpan and adjustable tiller also allow generous leg room and the soft grip tiller handlebar and a larger than standard seat make for an amazingly comfortable ride.

This is such a unique design and will be great for anyone who likes to travel and needs a lightweight car portable mobility scooter.

Alumina Alumina Pro
LENGTH 90cm / 35″ 90cm / 35″
WIDTH 50cm / 20″ 50cm / 20″
HEIGHT 50cm / 20″ 105cm / 41″
SEAT WIDTH 45cm / 18″ 45cm / 18″
SEAT DEPTH 39cm / 15.5″ 39cm / 15.5″
FRONT WHEEL Solid 19cm / 7.5″ Solid 19cm / 7.5″
REAR WHEEL Solid 19cm / 7.5″ Solid 19cm / 7.5″
TOTAL WEIGHT 73lbs / 33kg 75lbs / 34kg
HEAVIEST PART 22lbs / 9.98kg 22lbs / 9.98kg
BATTERY WEIGHT 9lbs / 4kg 11lbs / 5kg
MAX USER WEIGHT 18stone / 115kg 18stone / 115kg
RANGE 15miles / 24km 30miles / 48km
SPEED 4mph / 6kph 4mph / 6kph
BATTERY 24v 19.35ah Lithium 24v 37.2ah Lithium
MOTOR 24v 200w 24v 200w


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