Q300R powerchair

The compact powerchair that doesn't downsize on adventure.

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Indoors, the Q300 R is highly manoeuvrable – super compact (550 mm) and nimble in the most-crowded of situations. Yet, venture outside and it boasts the fierce traction, motor technology and drive performance to rival a much larger powerchair.

And that’s because of its rear-wheel design.  A meticulously tested and refined base that provides the perfect balance between stability and size – positioning your weight to maximise grip and conquer those big wide-open spaces. Loaded with SEDEO LITE power seating to provide clinical support, a host of power options and a striking selection of shroud and accent colours, this isn’t a powerchair that you’ll want to keep indoors


SEDEO LITE – the best seat in the house.
Combining an adjustable and configurable seat with the broadest choice of support and positioning options, the SEDEO LITE is the medium-to-high clinical seating solution that’s designed to be tailored to your changing needs (and all with just one tool).

Ultra-slim width starting from 550 mm.

From tight corridors, busy offices to tiny homes, the Q300 R with 12″ drive wheels packs the ultra-slim 550 mm width to take everything in its stride. With superb handling and intuitive rear wheel drive, you’ll find it incredibly easy to manoeuvre too.
Elevate and drive with C-Me.
Say goodbye to waiting around or driving at reduced speed when elevated. With C-Me (optional), you can raise up to 300 mm and drive up to 4.5 kph all at the same time! Unlike other powerchairs, our suspension doesn’t lock-out either, so you get the same smooth ride even when elevated. Plus, with our patented assignable buttons you can keep up (and be at eye-level) with your friends all with a touch of a single button.

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