Permobil M5

The ultimate outdoor mid-wheel wheelchair

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The ultimate outdoor mid-wheel wheelchair


  • Corpus seating system – The unique seat design uses soft fabric and supportive shaping to maximise comfort, positioning and stability.
  • BodyNatural system – Movements from the power seat functions are combined to support natural body movements.
  • Modern design – Everything from the armrests to the frame is carefully designed. A Permobil is sleek – you see the person, not their wheelchair.
  • Flexible and modular – Sizing and components can be adjusted as the client’s needs change. There’s a huge range of accessories for customisation!

The ultimate outdoor mid-wheel wheelchair. All the benefits of the M3, plus:

  • 12 km/h top speed – Travel further and faster.
  • Agile suspension – Tackle uneven terrains with confidence and comfort. There’s full suspension on all 6 wheels!
  • Superior outdoor capabilities – Climb obstacles up to 90mm with ease.

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