Gemino 30 walker rollator

Enjoy an active life and express yourself with the original 100% rollator.

£299.00 ex. VAT


Looking for a lightweight rollator that stands out? A top-quality walking aid that will exceed your expectations when it comes to comfort, safety and design? Then look no further than the award-winning Gemino 30. The original 100% rollator comes in six attractive frame colours and offers lots of practical accessories to fit your active life – and personal style!

Award-winning design
The Gemino 30 is not just another walking aid. With our award-winning Gemino 30 rollator, you’ll get ‘the best of the best’, recognized by international design institutes like red dot and iF and German consumer magazine öko-Test . Lightweight design, innovative functionality, high-quality materials and modern styling – for easy and safe use, and enhanced quality of life!


Width:60 cm (30, 30M); 55 cm (30S)
Height:78 – 100 cm (30); 69 – 88 cm (30M); 65 – 77 cm (30S)
Length:65 cm (30, 30M); 68 cm (30S)

Folded Height:80 cm (30); 76 cm (30M); 69 cm (30S)

Folded Length:65 cm (30, 30M); 68 cm (30S)
Folded Width:23 cm
Seat Height:62 cm (30); 55 cm (30M); 48 cm (30S)
Turning Radius:84 cm (30, 30M); 79 cm (30S)
Width Between Push Handles:47 cm (30, 30M); 42 cm (30S)
Rear Wheel Size:20 x 3.6 cm
Front Wheel Size:20 x 3.6 cm
User Height:150 – 200 cm (30); 135 – 170 cm (30M); 125 – 165 cm (30S)

Maximum User Weight:150 kg (30); 130 kg (30M); 125 kg (30S)
Total Weight:7.4 kg (30); 7.3 kg (30M); 6.8 kg (30S)
Maximum Load Capacity in Basket:5 kg

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