Whill Model C Electric Wheelchair

Freedom to persue your adventures...in style

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Mobility on a new level with the new personal top of the range electric wheelchair, the Whill Model C

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Whill Model C Electric Wheelchair
Freedom to persue your adventures…in style
Mobility on a new level with the new personal top of the range electric wheelchair, the Whill Model C

Just like the standard Whill Powerchair, the Model C has its very own unique looks and maneuvers like no other electric wheelchair. The Whill’s front wheels are a unique design called Omni Wheels. The Omni Wheels are fixed and the user is turned on the spot by individual mini rollers, letting you navigate proficiently whether you’re on paved city streets, off-road terrain or just manoeuvring in the comfort of your home. The Model C Electric Wheelchair has a lithium-ion battery allowing it to travel 10 miles on a single charge, with top speeds of four miles per hour, meaning the equivalent of a swift walking pace. Navigation is primarily carried out using a joystick in the right armrest, although you can also drive it using the left arm rest if required.
An impressive feature of the lightweight Whill Model C electric wheelchair, is its ability to easily break into three modular components for easy packing into the back of a car or for easier storage around the house or garage.
Now for one of the best features… you can now use the app on your iPhone to remotely drive Model C, lock/unlock to keep it secure, and choose a drive mode that’s right for you. Also access key device information, adjust settings and view your battery health to ensure your Whill Model C power chair is operating at its best. Please click on the link below for a video showing you all the features of the Whill model C electric powerchair:

The ergonomic controller provides all-day comfort, with the swing away arms you can get them right out the way so you can get right up to tables etc. The buttons on the other-side include device power on/off, four speed settings, safety horn and also has the battery life indicator next to them as well.

whill1            whill2whill3

The Whill Model C powerchair can be easily adjusted from the seat depth and height, to the controller position (left or right drive), to fit you and create a comfortable driving experience as shown below.

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