Monarch Hoist

£995.00 ex. VAT


North East Mobility Solutions are proud to present the new Monarch Hoist.

Using a simple yet effective telescopic design, the Monarch Hoist can be ready to use in seconds. Specially designed to lift the Monarch Mobie, it allows users to lift the scooter into any necessary situation with ease and finesse.

The Monarch Hoist is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. Folding to a very similar size to the Mobie it allows you to keep a hoist in your car without loosing necessary space in your boot.

The Monarch Hoist is not restricted to lifting only the Mobie, it has been universally designed to be powered by any mobility product with the standard 3 pin connector. It can lift mobility scooters and powerchairs up to 50kg’s.

With no heavy batteries to carry around the Monarch Hoist is ideal for use by a single person with limited mobility.

Lifts Mobility Products up to 50kg in weight Powers from any Scooter or Powerchair
No fitting necessary Automatic Safety Stop
Lightweight and Compact Easy to fold and unfold in seconds

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