Mobility Scooter Starter Pack

£73.00 ex. VAT


Mobility Scooter Starter Pack


Including; Scooter Storage Cover, Mobility Scooter Bag, Mobility Scooter Control Panel Cover, Mobility Scooter Seat Cover


  • Scooter Storage Cover
100% waterproof with braid and buckle fastening
Options menu relate to cover only small/medium or large/x-large


HEIGHT 105cm 120cm
WIDTH 66cm 80cm
LENGTH 125cm 160cm



  • Mobility Scooter Bag
Strong and spacious bag to fit mobility scooters with or without headrests


  • Mobility Scooter Control Panel Cover
Protects electronics whilst enabling you to maintain full control of the scooters handling and brakes


  • Mobility Scooter Seat Cover

Protects your seat against the rain

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