Maxi Lumbar Support Cushion

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Key Features: –

  • WHAT IS THIS CUSHION FOR? This cushion offers very firm lower back support, designed by myself after finding that the majority of cushions on the market are too soft to make a real impact on correcting your posture while sitting. The cushion also has multiple strapping and a non-slip back to prevent movement, again a problem I found with car seats.
  • USE ANYWHERE: Whether as a lumbar support for your office chair, as a car seat support or to make your wheelchair or garden chair more supportive, there are no limits to using your Maxi Lumbar Support Cushion. Going to a show this weekend or embarking on a long car journey or flight? Take the cushion with you to increase lower back support.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Do you sit for long periods at work or in the car? If yes, the Maxi Lumbar Support Cushion is the perfect choice to improve your wellbeing and health. With its unique firm high density foam structure this cushion helps relieve lower back pain by encouraging good posture.
  • COMFORT: Modern car and office seats offer little or no lower back support which can lead to poor posture and lower back problems. You’re new Maxi Lumbar Support Cushion with its firm high density foam structure helps puts an end to poor posture.
  • THE COVER & SIZE: The removable and washable cover on this cushion utilizes our unique AirTech system. The 3D ducted AirTech fabric works to distribute even airflow around the lower back and manage heat removal to prevent overheating. Wicking away body moisture and helping to regulate temperature. The cushions anti slip back combined with multiple strapping ensure that your cushion won’t slip, even on very smooth surfaces. The cushion is approximately 10cm thick, 28cm in height and 34cm at its widest point.

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