Carbon Black II

Bespoke chair that fulfils your needs.

£3,995.00 ex. VAT


The CarbonBlack II is a chair built to your exact requirements – please call us to describe your requirements and we will build a bespoke chair that fulfils your needs.

The CarbonBlack II is the next step in carbon fibre technology for wheelchairs. Lighter and stronger than the previous version, CarbonBlack have brought the best of the original back with new innovations and design to give customers the best experience possible.

The CBII has pushed the technology of carbon fibre to its limits, getting the most out of the material so that it’s stronger when you need it and lighter than ever. The CarbonBlack II is completely designed around the user, giving customers their independence back by being comfortable for long periods of time, easy to manoeuvre in when needed and easy to pack up and handle for when you don’t need it.

Not only have CarbonBlack made so many improvements, they have also been able to produce it for a much lower price, making it more accessible and manageable than ever.

The CarbonBlack II is set to completely revolutionise the wheelchair market.

WIDTH 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″
DEPTH 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″

Please note this chair is done on a prescription form basis and therefore prices will vary depending on your specifications. For an accurate quote please give us a call and we will arrange a home assessment.

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