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Minivator Bath Lift


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The Bath Bliss Recling Bath Lift from Minivator.
Many people experience difficulty in using their bath either as a result of illness or limitations to their mobility. If you are having difficulty of getting in or out of the bath you may be considering using one of a number of products designed to make bathing safier and easier.
If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of a soak in the bath without the disruption or cost of having your bathroom adapted you may find using a bath lift is the answer. Most bath lifts are effectively a seat that can be placed securely in the bath when needed.
When the bathlift is raised to an upright position it should be level with the top of your bath. You can then sit onto your bath lift and move your feet and legs over into the bath. You then lower the seat of your bath lift into the bath, with the water already in it, and regain the pleasure of a relaxing bath.
When you have finished the bath lift is raised to the starting position and you can exit the bath without having to run the water out first. When not in use the Minivator Bath Bliss Recling Bath Lift can be removed from the bath leaving it free for other users.
A bath lift is often preferable to a shower (and shower seat) because it offers you the muscle relaxing benefits that a soak in the bath has to offer.
Bath Lifts are also often a preferred option over a walk in bath because the nature of such a bath is that you would need to get in when empty and wait for it to fill up. You then need to wait until the water has drained away before opening the door to exit the bath.
This can cause discomfort as the user may get cold during either waiting period.
The installation of these units may also be quite disruptive and could leave your bathroom in need of redecoration.
With this in mind, North East Mobility Solutions feel the Minivator Bath Bliss Reclining Bath Lift is the easiest and safiest solution to enjoying bathing again.
Weight Capacity 20.5 st / 130kg
Weight of Unit 24.2lbs / 11kg
Weight of Heaviest Part 15.2lbs / 6.9kg
Maximum Seat Height 17" / 431mm
Width of Seat 15" / 380mm
Width of Seat with flaps 26.5" / 672mm
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